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Testing the air we breathe every day!

Is the air quality in your home as healthy as it could be? How about in your place of business, the residence you manage or the school that you run? Know that breathing contaminated air can be detrimental to your health: headaches, colds, and respiratory tract irritation are just a few of the symptoms you could incur.

If you repeatedly suffer from these symptoms, it may be necessary get the ambient air tested in order to rule out the possibility of any problems, and solve them if need be.

Have Groupe DIJON test your air quality, and put your mind at ease.

Whether you’re in Montreal or the surrounding area, ensure you’re breathing healthy air so you no longer need to worry.

What is a home air quality test?

Groupe DIJON offers a service whose aim is to test the air quality in your home in Montreal or the surrounding area. They can then identify the corrective measures to be taken in order to solve any problems found, as per their policy.

An air sample is taken to capture any contaminating particles and assess the current situation. A test is then carried out in a laboratory in order to determine the best possible solution according to your needs.

It’s important for the air you breathe to be healthy—especially in your home: you and your family’s quality of life depends on it!

The GROUPE DIJON approach

Our mission? To ensure all our clients receive the most reliable and best possible service in each of our departments. As the industry leader, we understand that our customers entrust the care of their most valuable assets in us. And we’re happy to provide it, following the highest standards and using specialized techniques.
Since 2000, we have continued to earn the trust of our customers in Montreal by providing the most personalized, courteous and convenient service in the industry.

Our promise

Whether for an air test in your home or office in Montreal, or for any of our other services, we strive to keep our promise: to give you customer service that is thorough, and reliable, too.

  • We reply promptly to all requests, whether received by phone, fax or email.
  • We offer honest and concise quotes at competitive rates.
  • We carefully plan the various steps of any job.
  • We complete the job flawlessly and in a timely manner.
  • We create favourable conditions in order to reduce the impact of our work on our customers’ daily activities.
  • We act transparently and with the utmost precision.