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Dealing with a mold infestation in the home is difficult. Decontamination requires the right techniques, as well as top quality products to make sure you truly get rid of it.
Rather than trying to resolve the problem by yourself, we urge you to consider decontaminating with Groupe DIJON.
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What is mold?

Mold is a fungus that often looks like a stain and can be several different colours. On the other hand, it may be invisible in some cases, its presence indicated only by a musty smell. When reproducing, it releases spores (multiplication cells) that are small enough to be inhaled.

What causes mold and contamination?

Mold usually appears following aeration problems (bad ventilation, humidifiers, condensation), flooding, cracks in the foundation, and sometimes even due to regular use of certain rooms: think bathrooms (laundry, condensation) and kitchens (cooking).

Think decontamination!

How to know when to decontaminate due to mold

You have to act immediately when you identify traces of mold. Even if it’s possible to get used to it and its smell, its presence should not be taken lightly. It can be identified by its unappealing look and the impact it has on your health. You’d best switch to mold removal mode, and fast.

Watch out for the health effects: act quickly!

When someone is exposed to mold, he or she is likely to experience health problems. It is worth noting that many people experience irritation, or cold-like symptoms; some will go as far as suffering from symptoms akin to asthma. Those most at risk are babies, children, pregnant women, the elderly and people already suffering from respiratory problems.

Make sure that your surroundings are safe: time for mold removal!

Groupe DIJON for mold removal in Montreal

Whether for a residential or commercial building, we offer our customers comprehensive decontamination services. Our mission? To ensure all our clients receive the most reliable and best possible service in each of our departments. As the industry leader, we understand that our customers entrust the care of their most valuable assets in us. And we’re happy to provide it, following the highest standards and specialized techniques. Since 2000, we have continued to earn the trust of our customers in Montreal by providing the most personalized, courteous and convenient service in the industry.